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Tunnel Mountain


Banff Ave. 3 km
Coastline 3 km
Don’s Bypass 323 m
HooDoo – Tunnel Bench Connector 633 m
Hoodoo Trail 4 km
HooDoo Trail 1 km
Stinky D 1 km
Teddybear’s Picnic 1 km
The Snake 488 m
The Spine 2 km
The Toe 6 km
Tunnel Mountain Campground Loop 6 km
Tunnel Mountain Road Connector 747 m

Filemaker Webdirect

Filemaker Webdirect

To create conditional behaviors based on the type of client, use the Get(SystemPlatform) function. If the function returns 4, the current user is accessing your solution with FileMaker WebDirect.

Setting the initial layout and view

When a FileMaker WebDirect solution is set to perform a script at startup, users see the results of that script each time they open the solution. To determine which layout and view web users see when they open the solution, use the OnFirstWindowOpen script trigger with a startup script that includes the following script steps:

Go to Layout [ ]
Enter Browse Mode [ ]
View As [ ]
To send web users to layouts appropriate for their devices, identify which devices and web browsers are running your solution.

To prevent web users from being able to create new records:

hide the menu bar and the status toolbar
use the FileMaker Pro Manage Security dialog box to edit record access and creation privileges

You must include buttons that let web users navigate and sign out of the solution as well as perform other tasks.

In mobile browsers, users can’t insert data by dragging a file into a container field. Consider creating scripts that use the Insert Picture, Insert Audio/Video, or Insert PDF script steps.

Working with virtual windows

Web users can navigate between multiple virtual windows in a single web-browser window to view a solution in different layouts, views, and modes. Only one virtual window displays in the browser window at a time, but inactive virtual windows remain open when they are not visible.

Virtual windows are opened, closed, and manipulated using script steps. See FileMaker Pro Help.

Keep these points in mind:

FileMaker WebDirect doesn’t support window styles.
If you open a new virtual window with the New Window script step, provide scripted buttons to navigate and close the virtual windows.
Close unused virtual windows with the Close Window script step.
If you design a script to perform an external script from a FileMaker data source and you want to return to the original window, add a Select Window [Current Window] script step immediately after the Perform Script step in the original script.
If you use the Exit Application script step or close the last virtual window with the Close Window script step, the script ends the user’s session and returns the user to FileMaker WebDirect Launch Center

New Window

•In FileMaker WebDirect and Custom Web Publishing, this script step opens a new virtual window in the web browser. Inactive virtual windows remain open but are not visible. To change the current (active) virtual window, use the Select Window script step. Window style settings are not supported.

•FileMaker WebDirect does not support the Card window style option.

Printing records

Web users can print the current found set of records and scripted reports. When a user prints, FileMaker WebDirect creates a PDF in a new web browser tab. Web users can then use the web browser’s controls to print the PDF.

If you host your solution with FileMaker Cloud, use the web browser’s controls to print the records you see onscreen.
To set print and page parameters, use the Print Setup script step.

It is important that web users properly close their sessions by opening the menu bar and then clicking Sign Out. If they close the browser window or quit the browser before signing out, their sessions may still be open, which might:

prevent others from accessing the solution if the User Connections client limit has been reached
prevent the solution from running scripts assigned to script triggers (see Script triggers)
cause a script to continue running until the specified timeout occurs, which may lead to unexpected results
make data vulnerable to hackers until the specified timeout occurs
To minimize these situations, set the session timeout to a short amount of time or create a scripted button to safely sign out web users. See Disconnecting inactive web accounts and Working with virtual windows.

Note:If you hide the menu bar, create a scripted button to sign out web users. See Hiding the menu bar and status toolbar.

You can specify the amount of time web users remain connected to the solution when their session, or connection to the web server, is idle. See FileMaker Server Help and FileMaker Cloud Help.

Accessing FileMaker WebDirect Launch Center

FileMaker WebDirect Launch Center displays icons and names for each hosted FileMaker WebDirect solution.

Open the web browser and enter:
where is the IP address or domain name of your FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud deployment.

Rather than having web users type the IP address or domain name to access your solution, you can provide a link to your solution.

FileMaker WebDirect Launch Center http:///fmi/webd
A particular database http:///fmi/webd/


where there links to more details.

To host a website using FileMaker WebDirect:

1. In FileMaker Pro, open the database and edit the privilege set for the account that will access the database. Enable the extended privilege Access via FileMaker WebDirect.

2. In FileMaker Server Admin Console, use the Deployment assistant to enable support for FileMaker WebDirect, if you haven’t already. Choose Server menu > Edit Deployment. In the Deployment assistant, confirm your settings and click Next until you reach the Enable Web Publishing Technologies step. See Enabling technologies for data sharing and web publishing.

3. In Admin Console, configure the settings on the Web Publishing > FileMaker WebDirect tab.

4. Prepare databases for FileMaker WebDirect. — DONE

5. Upload the database file to FileMaker Server. — DONE

6. If you’re using static HTML pages… — NOT NEEDED

7. Test that your database is being published with FileMaker WebDirect by entering the following URL in a web browser:
where is the IP address or the domain name of your FileMaker Server deployment


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Christmas Eve

potato_eatersOn Christmas eve in our neck of the woods, up towards the industrial compound, east of the wye on the tracks, south of the dark spruce forest that the woodpewckers have fled, there were packs of dogs barking. I ran through the gate with my bat in hand.