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DeNiro cant be the killer cuz of everything that people have been saying stating with Amber (I dont feel like repeating). The only way he CAN be the killer is if in his personality as Charlie, he tells his daughter not 2 mention who he is 2 her father. ALSO in the trailer DeNiro is in the woods @ the end and sumthin attacks him – so how can it be him? If u freeze frame its not a person either. And if DeNiro is gonna make Charlie mad then what? Charlie is gonna kill DeNiro? That means he’d kill himself. AND if u freeze frame during the extended internet trailer, U will see a figure with a butcher knife in its hand behind the shower curtain (i think). The figure is grey. The we see the cop get smacked ascross the face and freeze framing there u WILL see that what smacked him is the color grey – meaning that it cant be a person which rules out DeNiro. AND my final statement: If Charlie says that DeNiro let her die than y would he say that if it was him who killed her?

2) I dont think its the kid either. How? In the trailer shes drawing the cop getting killed. And he says “Watcha drawing there?” and She said “U…dying then the lights turn off and sumthin comes from behind him. SO what that means she got up while he was still standing there turned the light off and killer him. I doubt that 2. AND Y WOULD A GIRL BE HAVE A SPLIT PERSONALITY THATS A GUY NAMED CHARLIE.

What if this turns out like SAW and sumthin NO 1 saw cummin – the man on the bathroom floor.

hey just a reminder in the movies a person can kill their split personality. . .ever seen Fight club? besides maybe the thing in the trailor is gray because they made it that way for people who waste their time freeze framing trailors to have something to argue about and lead you to make up some stupid reason or theme of the movie. . . and even more besides the point u basicly said it doesnt make sense like 8 million times b4 and in the world of films nothing has to make sense

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