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Strike when the iron is hot

He walked the plank in the splendour of his blackbody radiation. Tempis fugit took a quantum leak in Puget sound. When he moved, he moved like a bachelor of kinesiology. If he talked, he sounded like a master in political science. After he farted, he smelled like a doctor of divinity. And all that that entails.

Caesar on the Gauls

boa-devouring-child-GesnerIt is indeed a regular habit of the Gauls to compel travellers to halt, even against their will, and to ascertain what each of them may have heard or learnt upon every subject; and in the towns the common folk surround traders, compelling them to declare from what districts they come and what they have learnt there. Such stories and hearsay often induce them to form plans upon vital questions of which they must forthwith repent; for they are the slaves of uncertain rumours, and most men reply to them in fictions made to their taste.